Longboat restaurants reopen to an influx of diners after September hiatus | Longboat Key

The best way to tell that fall is coming on Longboat Key is not by the changing temperatures or leaves, but by the changing colors of the license plates and restaurant schedules. Popular restaurants such as Harry’s Continental Kitchens and Euphemia Haye have reopened after their end-of-summer shutterings, while others such as Lazy Lobster have added lunch services back as they prepare to welcome an influx of seasonal residents. 

Lazy Lobster has added its lunch service back with adjusted hours to try to help employees fight traffic.

“We were closed for the month of September, but I didn’t get any days off,” Harry’s Continental Kitchens general manager Hal Christensen said. “People are coming back early. We see them up at the corner store getting their coffee in the morning. We think it’s going to be a good season.” 

Harry’s Continental Kitchens reopened on Oct. 7 after its traditional closure during

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