GI Acres offers fresh, locally grown produce for a healthy community | Grand Island Local News

Jaime E. Love

Summertime is the rising season. Contemporary, locally sourced fruits and vegetables are a wholesome addition to any meal.

For people devoid of a back garden, but have an hunger for regionally developed, contemporary create, GI Acres is a healthful option.

GI Acres is owned by Chad and Kathy Nabity of Grand Island. GI Acres is a Group Supported Agriculture procedure.

GI Acres

Chad Nabity of GI Acres checks on his potato vegetation to see if any are completely ready to be harvested.

“People can obtain shares in our farm,” Chad Nabity said.”We create the meals and share it to them based mostly on what is made.”

He stated shareholders pay back for their shares in the late winter or early spring.

“We use the dollars to get seeds, vegetation and machines for the backyard,” he spelled out.

Nabity said he and his wife did not mature up on farms.

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