List: A Macon, GA restaurant got a failing health score

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Macon restaurants have found new ways to serve their customers among the coronavirus pandemic, and the Georgia Department of Public Health continues to perform health inspections to ensure customers are receiving food that was prepared safely.

The Telegraph has compiled a list of the best and worst health scores for restaurants in Bibb County in the month of September through DPH’s health inspection search portal. The lists include restaurants that originated in the Middle Georgia area.

Any score below 70 is considered unsatisfactory. The letter grade “C,” a numeral score from 70-79, means the restaurant is marginally compliant to the rules and regulations in place. A “B” grade, a score from 80-89, means the restaurant is satisfactorily compliant, and an “A” grade, a score from 90-100, means the restaurant has food safety excellence, according to DPH’s rules and regulations guide.

Here are the scores!

10 best health inspection scores for September

  • Biddy’s at 946 First St. – 100

  • Cod Tail at 1034 Gray Highway – 100

  • Island Pot at 2270 Pio Nono Ave. – 100

  • Louvenia’s Crab Cake Hut at 2055 Eisenhower Parkway – 100

  • T & N Moon’s Wing & Seafood at 4191 Mercer University Drive – 100

  • The Brunch Box Food Truck at 6717 Hawkinsville Road – 100

  • USA Deli at 4437 Columbus Road – 100

  • Crave Scratch Kitchen at 347 Cotton Ave. – 99

  • Fatty’s Pizza at 120 Tom Hill Senior Blvd. – 99

  • Roly Poly at 624 New St. – 99

Scores below 80

China Max at 3661 Eisenhower Parkway received the only score below 80 for the month of September. The restaurant’s score was a 65, which falls under the letter grade “U.”

Violations, such as items preventing access to a hand wash station, no hand soap at the kitchen sink and vegetable egg rolls that were not stored in the proper temperature were corrected on site, according to the Food Service Establishment Inspection Report.

Many of the violations involved not storing food at the proper temperature, such as sliced beef, marinated chicken and shrimp, and not labeling food properly.

The restaurant had a total of 11 violations listed in the report that were not in compliance with three of those violations corrected on-site.

Some of the violations had multiple causes. For example, the inspector marked the restaurant as not in compliance because the inspector observed oyster sauce cans being reused on the grill and soy sauce buckets being reused for different sauces in the kitchen.

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