Baked oatmeal is TikTok’s latest food trend: Here are 3 viral recipes to try

Jaime E. Love

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If you’re on the lookout for a breakfast or snack inspiration, baked oatmeal might just be for you.

The straightforward-to-make dish has turn out to be a popular food items development on TikTok, wherever the hashtag “baked oatmeal” has been viewed much more than 139.7 million instances.

When place jointly, baked oatmeal resembles a granola bar or an outdated-fashioned oatmeal cake.


All which is necessary to make baked oatmeal at property are oats in addition drinking water or milk a assortment of optional sweeteners, fruits, nut butters and garnish and, of program, an oven or air fryer.

Baked oatmeal resembles an oatmeal cake or crumble when cooked.

“I feel the hottest press in the trending baked oatmeal has a good deal to do with the

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12 Healthy Finds to Add to Your Costco Shopping List

Jaime E. Love

There’s no place like Costco. Where else can you buy groceries, a new TV and an extra tire for your car at the same time? But such a large retailer is bound to have some hidden gems, too — like a large selection of healthy foods that you can buy in bulk. 

I try to make a monthly visit to my local Costco because it has some better deals on healthy food and snack items than my local supermarket. Plus, my Costco haul tends to last me longer and I don’t have to replenish my food supply as frequently. In a time of rising prices and supply chain issues, that’s crucial.

If you’re looking to pick up some healthy options at Costco, but don’t know where to start, I’ve gathered some of my favorite healthy food suggestions below. Add these healthy selections to your shopping list the next time

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