World Food Safety Day: Experts suggest healthy snacks for office-goers

Jaime E. Love

Two years after Covid-19 disrupted life across the globe, people find themselves in a frustratingly similar environment. The pandemic had forced companies to switch to the work-from-home model and had altered some aspects of our lives. Social distancing, vigilant hand-washing, and masking became the new normal. It took us time to adjust to the changes. But humans are adaptable and it’s that skill which allowed us to develop new habits during the pandemic in the first place. One of the biggest changes included the willingness to adopt healthy options in the diet.

However, now that we are almost back to the pre-pandemic days, will we cling to the new healthy habits? At home, you may have had a plethora of healthy options. But at work, munching often gets limited to fried snacks and sugar-loaded biscuits.

To mark World Food Safety Day, we spoke

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