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Jaime E. Love

I adore newspaper food stuff internet pages, what with their Bolognese sauce recipes and assessments of locavore bistros. They inform us how to take in well, and that is one thing of actual worth. Putting imagined into what we put in our bodies is by no means a undesirable thing.

That stated, sometimes I just wanna grab some rubbish food stuff and shove greedy handfuls of it into my dumb deal with. There’s not significantly coverage of junk foods in the meals webpages, and this function seeks to remedy that.

In each individual biweekly edition of Pat Eats Garbage Meals, I’ll evaluate a various rapid food items item or usefulness retailer snack and permit you know what works and what does not. (You’ll notice I did not say what is great and what’s poor it is all undesirable. That is the stage.)

The food stuff

Not to get too existential

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