Find authentic Mexican food at this local truck

Jaime E. Love



Cooks Ramiro and Jill Casaneda ended up our 2nd showcased guests of foodstuff frenzy week before right now, exhibiting us authentic recipes straight out of Mexico! 

From Iguana, Mexico, Chef Ramiro Casaneda doesn’t just perspective food items as food stuff for him it’s a automobile to connect with his culture and heritage. Teaching his small children about food and how to cook dinner is really essential to him, and he and his wife Jill take pleasure in serving and sharing their culture through their cooking at Mr. C’s Tacos with the Salt Lake neighborhood.  

Very first opening their business enterprise a calendar year back, they have developed a significant supporter base in the community and are infamous for their ceviche, a conventional seafood dish, Chef Jill Casaneda explained. She shared with us some of

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IFPRI: Climate Change Threatening World Food System, 3bn People Cant Afford Healthy Diet

Jaime E. Love

Oluchi Chibuzor

The International Food Policy and Research Institute (IFPRI) Global Food Policy Report 2022, has warned that climate change is a growing threat to the world’s food systems, with grim implications for food and nutrition security, livelihoods, and overall well-being, especially for poor and vulnerable people around the world.

IFPRI stressed the need for urgent action on climate change both to achieve the major emissions reductions needed to limit global warming and to increase adaptive capacity and resilience of food systems is drawing global attention.

It advocated that for food systems policies that create better market incentives, strengthen regulation and institutions, and fund Research and Development (R&D) for climate-resilient technologies and practices are needed to catalyze and accelerate climate action.

The report is a peer review publication with the theme, “Climate Change and Food Systems,”

The Director General, IFPRI Global Director, Systems Transformation, Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers

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