With rising food prices, bargain hunters head to farmers’ markets

Jaime E. Love

It’s farmers market season and that could mean savings for smart shoppers. Shoppers can not only save money but make it an experience.

Stephanie Dunn, executive director of Star Farm, an urban farm in Chicago, recommends going to the farmers market for the shopping but “take in the whole experience,” she said. There is something new every week and there is fun to be had – as well as savings.

Star Farm sells produce at eight different farmers markets every week, including some in low-income neighborhoods where there are no easy-to-get-to supermarkets.

Neighbors stop and catch up. Farmers give out samples. Recipes get traded. Some farmers markets have live music. Some sell tacos and jam and baked goods.

Food straight from the farm stays fresher longer, is more nutritious and tastes better, Dunn said. In early June, strawberries are at their peak. Buy a flat and pop the extras in

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