‘The Mexican Chile Pepper Cookbook’ offers recipes featuring this spicy star

Jaime E. Love


“The Mexican Chile Pepper Cookbook” by Dave DeWitt and José C. Marmolejo

There is a new cookbook out that is sure to seize the creativity – and the tastebuds – of several New Mexicans.

It is “The Mexican Chile Pepper Cookbook: The Soul of Mexican Dwelling Cooking” by Dave DeWitt and José C. Marmolejo.

The introduction reveals two of the charming options in the e book.

A single is the “wide choice of recipes in which chiles are the principal component, which includes chile rellenos, salsas and pickled chiles.”

(Pickled chiles?)

Dave DeWitt

A different element is the book’s regional emphasis on warm and spicy recipes – and some gentle – from most of Mexico’s 32 states.

So get ready oneself to master about the 64 types of chiles from close to the state. Readers will gain from the 5-additionally-web page glossary of chiles at the back of the book.

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Are Sugar Feeders Healthy for Bananaquits?

Jaime E. Love


Bananaquits (Coereba flaveola) are commonly called ‘Sugar Birds’ in the Virgin Islands. (Image by Gail Karlsson)

Several persons like to draw in the community bananaquits by putting out sugar or sugar water. But some people check with if that is basically very good for the birds.

I have been 1 of those questioners. It is undoubtedly pleasurable to have an keen bunch of birds waiting around for you to get up in the early morning and fill the feeder. Nevertheless, for a extensive time, I resisted obtaining a feeder since I thought the bananaquits ended up far better off obtaining their very own meals in a ordinary fowl way – like catching insects in the trees or poking their curved expenses into ripe fruits and berries, or finding nectar from bouquets (and in the meantime encouraging with pollination).

In addition to not wanting to interfere with the broader ecology, I

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