What Is The “Healthy Coke” TikTok Trend?

Jaime E. Love

Since its inception, TikTok has become a major hub for trends in fashion, pop culture, music, food, and more. With more than 1 billion users (as of September 2021), the app sets the tone for what’s hot in today’s world, and that often includes wacky food and drink trends. Among the stylized and impressively produced videos of homemade cocktails and charcuterie boards exists a world of edible experimentation. Take the “healthy coke” trend, for example. On June 7, user @mandyvjones posted a video of herself trying out a very odd concoction using sparkling water and, believe it or not, balsamic vinegar. The goal was for the drink to taste like a Coca Cola.

It may sound like an awful pairing, but once Jones’ video went viral, tons of other TikTok users began trying it — and some even seemed to enjoy the combination. The hashtag #healthycoke now has

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